Are Golden Goose Sneakers Comfortable?

Are Golden Goose Sneakers Comfortable

Although the popularity of Golden Goose should be proof of quality, the price tag still makes it a big investment.

So at some point, you will have to ask: Are Golden Goose sneakers comfortable?

I used to have the same dilemma until I decided to see for myself, and now I have quite the experience to share with you!

Are Golden Goose Sneakers Comfortable For Walking?

Any doubt I had for Golden Goose immediately dissipated as I unboxed my first pair and tried them on. I bought the Old School Shearling Lined sneakers and they were comfortable to walk without any break-in period.

However, not all models of Golden Goose are the same.

I have no problem going to work or running errands with them, though I don’t recommend using them for athletic purposes.

Golden Goose sneakers for waking

Are Golden Goose Sneakers Comfortable For Running?

I tried to practice with my Golden Goose on so you wouldn’t have to!

The truth is they are comfortable enough for your slow walking steps, but you might want to find more comfortable footwear if you want to run or engage in any energetic activity.

I also used the High-Tops of Golden Goose for running to have a more thorough view. It indeed had better support than the Shearling Lined, hence there certainly exists a difference between Golden Goose models.

Unfortunately, even the High-Tops didn’t give me the best experience for running.

Which Golden Goose Sneakers Are Most Comfortable?

I have had my fair share of Golden Goose and I can confidently say I like it enough to come back for more.

I always browse the reviews before buying something, and I see most customers have had the same positive experience as I do.

Old School Shearling Lined Sneakers – Most comfortable GG sneakers for walking

Old School Shearling Lined Sneakers

Here comes my default favorite Golden Goose!

Although I’m not a big fan of low-top sneakers, the velcro, and their convenience convinced me to try them. When I want the fit to be tighter or looser, I only need to adjust the straps quickly.

But the selling point for me was the lining highlighted in the product name. Coupled with leather insoles, these shoes have the utmost comfort and coziness for my daily routines.

The only minor downside I find with these sneakers is that the shearling might be too warm for summer. If you live in a residence in a tropical climate, the version with no shearling will be better.

Deluxe Brand High-Top Sneakers – Most comfortable GG sneakers for running

Deluxe Brand High-Top Sneakers

I’m a very active person, so I always prioritize high-tops when I’m shopping for shoes. Not only do they fit right in with my clothes, but they also provide the most support and comfort compared to their fellow Golden Goose.

The first time I put them on for running, the cushioned soles felt right and gave me no issues throughout the session.

Nonetheless, the shoes were incessantly rubbing against my ankles, and I had to find a solution before I ended up having blisters. I will be sharing more tips in the next segment!

After I broke them in properly, they almost became new footwear. The entire construction molds to my feet and hugs them snugly, ready to be in use all day long.

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Tips To Make Golden Goose Shoes More Comfortable

Get the correct size

I have a strong belief that getting the sizing right means we are already halfway to finding the perfect pair of shoes. Here are the rules I follow when measuring my feet.

  • Never assume the size! Measure again at least once a year, especially if you have been through major health changes.
  • Measurements should be taken after you have walked or practiced, even better with your socks on.
  • Always measure both feet and choose the larger number.
  • If the result falls in between sizes, go for the bigger size.

I also use the Golden Goose size chart to find the right fit and all of the pairs I have got are true to size for me.

Break them in

There is an initial stiffness in brand-new Golden Goose sneakers, though it will pass quite quickly. However, you can speed up the process by wearing your shoes and walking around your home.

I recommend keeping the session indoors and shorter than an hour, so you won’t accidentally invalidate the warranty from the brand.

You should see the changes in a week, because Golden Goose doesn’t need so much break-in time.

Wear thick socks

Thick socks give you warmth and create a barrier between your feet and your shoes, hence they are the best solution to any uncomfortable friction.

If you are still breaking your shoes in, the socks can stretch and expand the fit a little, making the footwear more tolerable.

Add insoles

The insole is the first thing that comes to my mind whenever someone talks about the comfort of their shoes. It is an additional layer of cushioning and sometimes a solution for slightly big footwear.

You can consult customer service for compatible insoles before placing your order, instead of going for random products.

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The number of available GG designs might be overwhelming, yet I will assure you again: Golden Goose sneakers are comfortable and stylish enough for your casual purposes and errands. After a short break-in period, you will feel like you are walking on clouds.

Nevertheless, I don’t think running in the Golden Goose is a good idea.

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