What To Wear With Hey Dude Shoes?

What To Wear With Hey Dude Shoes

Fashion doesn’t wait for anyone, yet there are brands and designs that simply remain timeless, and Hey Dude is one of them.

So, what to wear with Hey Dude shoes so you can make the most out of them?

We have selected some key items you should keep in your collection as well as a few ideas for both the ladies and the gentlemen.

What To Wear With Hey Dude Shoes?

Before you feel overwhelmed and stressed about how to style Hey Dude shoes, we are happy to declare that their designs are extremely easygoing.

The simple yet classy designs are the reason this brand always appears in recommended lists of the best shoes for styling unique outfits.

Colors to go with Hey Dudes

Hey Dude shoes come in an overwhelming variety of materials, patterns, and colors. You will find the coolest leather shoes or the funkiest fur footwear.

Sometimes they have a flag printed across the side, other times they imitate the look of a leopard or a cow. Therefore, the possibilities are endless.

The most basic mix-and-match tip is to try to match the colors of your shoes with either your shirts, your pants, or your main accessories. This kind of connection always brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to your whole outfit.

When you are not shackled by the need to appear prim and proper, trying bold colors and unique patterns is the best way to step out of your comfort zone.

Shirts for Hey Dude shoes


Either oversized or tight T-shirts would look great with Hey Dude shoes. The pattern and the colors depend greatly on your purpose.

If you want to look active and ready to have fun, eye-catching or contrasting colors will be a wise choice. Otherwise, plain T-shirts would be better for a relaxed look.


The more simple your jacket is, the better it looks with your Hey Dudes. It’s even better if you have a faded blue or light gray jacket, because they blend with Hey Dude’s color range effortlessly.


Why should we pair a pretty dress with high heels all the time? More often than not, what we want from a neat dress is convenience, hence Hey Dude sneakers are the perfect match for it.

However, the troupe comes with a warning.

First of all, choose the invisible socks. Secondly, make sure there is a connection between your dress and your shoes, whether it be materials or patterns.

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Pants to wear with Hey Dude shoes


Almost every type of jeans works well with Hey Dude because they are both relatively simple and thus easy to mix. You will frequently see flared jeans or mom jeans being on a set with Hey Dudes for a casual or smart- casual look.

Bootcut jeans are always a classic choice since they are not at all picky about body shapes and types. Even during winter, jeans are as relevant as ever, as you can certainly put them over your warm tights.


People often go for Hey Dude flip-flops and lightweight shoes when summer arrives because they are colorful and energetic enough for you to participate in all sorts of activities with confidence.

With that being said, mixing shorts with Hey Dudes is one of the most popular tricks, as long as you remember to use low-cut or invisible socks!

Dress Pants

If you go for a neutral color on your Hey Dudes, you can turn the semi-casual look with dress pants into smart-casual. It is ready to go from work mode to party mode!

Pairing dress pants with dress shoes is what everyone has been doing, so it’s about time you took a detour and added a little bit of spice to the tradition.

Women’s Outfit Ideas With Hey Dudes

T-Shirts and Jeans

T-shirts combined with jeans make a timeless combo!

There are days when we simply cannot come up with an idea of what to wear. Simple jeans with a comfortable shirt (printed with bold colors and patterns or not) will be the easy way out.

With the matching Hey Dudes, you will look full of energy and appeal, not to mention neat. It is a look for work, hangouts, or traveling.

Printed Dresses

As we have mentioned, Hey Dude shoes can add a tweak to your dress and turn it into something more than a symbol of femininity.

Instead of the puffy, princess-like dress, you can find one with prints if your Hey Dude also features bright and unique graphics.

However, the biggest notice here is that only no-show socks should be included in your set!

Denim Jackets & Wool Dresses

The difference between the texture of wool and denim is very promising for an interesting match that most people have never seen before.

There should be a prominent difference in color between your jacket and your wool dress, or the entire set will lack a highlight. One of the main items should match your shoes as well!

Women’s Outfit Ideas With Hey Dudes

Tank Tops & Shorts

Although shorts and tank tops are more commonly seen in men’s outfits, the ladies can confidently rock them for a cool and active look.

Hey Dude shoes are quite simple by nature, hence they will be a good match with this kind of casual outfit. Another advantage of this look is that you don’t have to be too worried about the colors.

Flared Jeans & Hoodies

If a woman wants to mix and match with her Hey Dudes while staying feminine at the same time, flare jeans and hoodies are something that must be present in her wardrobe.

Hoodies and flared jeans are a potential power couple as they conflict and simultaneously synchronize for a taste of relaxation and elegance.

Men’s Outfit Ideas with Hey Dudes

T-Shirts and Chinos Pants

Even from the name, Hey Dude seems perfect for men already!

Jokes aside, chino pants and T-shirts are quite the comfortable combo if you are only running errands, but still want to look presentable.

Whether you go for youthful colors or something more tamed, you don’t have to worry about your outfit being too formal.

Formal Suits

On formal occasions (i.e. you are a guest at a wedding or even the groom), you can rely on some designs of dress shoes from Hey Dudes.

If your outfit choice is a classic tuxedo, we recommend something with the same shade. Due to the sleek lace-up look, these shoes can add a touch of sharpness and personality to your suit.

Straight-Legged Jeans & Long Sleeves

Men often prefer stylish and elegant over casual looks at times. Both long sleeves and straight-legged jeans are great for a casual yet not any less polite than a button-up, which makes them great with Hey Dudes.

Due to the relaxed nature of these items, we recommend creating a contrast between them and your shoes for better vibes. You might want to throw a cute hat into the mix as well!

Sleeveless Shirts & Shorts

These two items have the classic sporty look that we have no reason to refuse on a fine summer day, which makes them perfect for Hey Dudes.

Depending on the sport you play and the occasion, you can decide on neon or neutral colors. Nonetheless, between your shirt and your shorts, one of them should match your shoes for a nice contrast!

Men’s Outfit Ideas with Hey Dudes

Final Words

How does it feel to know what goes well with Hey Dude shoes? You should feel confident and ready to rock some unique outfits that will surely turn heads and catch your eyes!

The versatile nature of Hey Dudes allows them to meet different needs and occasions, from a formal meeting at work to a casual hangout with your friends. So, you might already have more compatible clothes for them than you think!

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