Peloton Shoe Size Chart: How Do Peloton Shoes Fit?

Peloton Shoes

If you are looking at a Peloton shoe size chart, we reckon you want to find good footwear for cycling.

The sizing is extremely important here because a wrong fit will have direct consequences on your body and your workouts.

Let’s see what the renowned brands for cyclers have for us!

A Quick View On Peloton Shoes

When we are talking about Peloton shoes, we are not referring to any specific brand, but a category. Recently, Peloton and everything related to it has become much more recognized.

Peloton is a group of riders engaging in road races. Keeping a close distance from the pack helps them decrease the drag and avoid leaving someone behind.

As you cycle along with your fellas or want to achieve maximum efficiency when practicing Peloton, the basic sneakers wouldn’t be enough.

What you need is compatible footwear for cycling for the best experience possible.

Peloton Shoe Size Chart

Men’s Peloton Shoe Size Chart

The sizes offered for male bicyclers are quite flexible. From 7 to 13.5 inches, Peloton has various sizes for you to choose from, including half sizes.

  • 40 = men’s size 7
  • 41 = men’s size 8
  • 42 = men’s size 9
  • 43 = men’s size 10
  • 44 = men’s size 10.5
  • 45 = men’s size 11
  • 46 = men’s size 12
  • 47 = men’s size 13
  • 48 = men’s size 13.5

Women’s Peloton Shoe Size Chart

Unfortunately, Peloton shoes for women are available with fewer options because they don’t have half sizes, though the 5 – 12 range in inches is still very remarkable.

  • 36 = women’s size 5
  • 37 = women’s size 6
  • 38 = women’s size 7
  • 39 = women’s size 8
  • 40 = women’s size 9
  • 41 = women’s size 10
  • 42 = women’s size 11
  • 43 = women’s size 12

Are Peloton Shoes True To Size?

Peloton shoe sizes follow standard sizes. Hence, Peloton shoes don’t come in wide or narrow if your feet are of normal width.

If your feet are completely normal, you will feel a snug fit that doesn’t require any amendment.

Another thing to note is you won’t find any Peloton shoes for toddlers and babies because the suitable age for cycling is fourteen.

Children in their mid-teen era can refer to the smallest sizes if they truly want to buy from Peloton.

Peloton shoes for cycling

What Size Peloton Shoes Should You Get?

Measure Your Feet

Even if you knew your size already, it would always be wise to check your measurements, which can change over time or fall out of sync with the brand’s size chart.

  • Get your measurement after you have been active for a while so you know the upper limit of your size when your feet are all swollen. Don’t forget your socks as well!
  • Stand straight against a wall and let someone draw a shape around your feet. You can do it by yourself too, yet it might not be as accurate!
  • Mark the longest and widest parts of your feet on the outline before measuring them with a ruler and using the chart to find your corresponding size.
  • You should measure both feet because we humans tend to not have perfectly even feet! Always pick the larger one as the standard so the smaller one can fit without pain.

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Things To Consider

Durable and specific with their features, Peloton shoes are perfect for beginners and professionals all the same.

For a flawless fit though, you have more than the size chart to worry about!


Maybe you are wondering why you need to care about the length when you have measured your feet and got it right. But in cycling shoes, the length is not a determining factor.

As a biker, you might be contented with a few millimeters in your shoes. It is not like the case of running shoes, where you need more space in the toe box, though you should still make sure your toes feel comfortable!


Following the standard sizing means Peloton manufacturers produce their shoes based on the measurements of normal feet.

Whether you have wider or narrower feet compared to the common size, you will need to size up or down accordingly.

For cycling shoes, the width is perhaps even more important than the length.

If the widest part of your foot doesn’t have the space it needs, you won’t be able to stand properly, let alone do your favorite spinning.

We recommend putting your new shoes on and going on a short ride so you get the most objective experience with them. You shouldn’t feel any pain while at it!

Peloton Shoes can click into the pedals
Peloton Shoes can click into the pedals


If you hop onto the bicycle and conquer long routes, you need to be sure your shoes are properly fastened, neither loose nor tight around your feet.

Therefore, shoes with velcros are much more convenient. You can adjust the fit whenever you need without going through too much trouble.

Stable Soles

As you can already tell, cycling is a dynamic and demanding activity for your feet, especially if you want to be a professional.

How can you spin fast and steady enough if the soles of your shoes are wobbly?

Furthermore, the pedal can start hurting your feet badly if your soles have insufficient cushioning.


1. Do Peloton Shoes Come In Half Sizes?

Peloton brands usually only offer half sizes with men’s shoes.

If you have wide feet for a woman, you might need to go up a whole size and use inserts to secure a good fit.

Sizing down usually ends up badly because your feet will be under so much squeezing and pressuring.

In the long run, problems such as cramps and blisters might become more severe than you have ever imagined.

2. How Is Peloton Different From Other Athletic Shoes?

The most visible difference is cycling shoes can click into the pedals. Any other traditional shoes would only sit on top of them instead of becoming part of the set.

With your common shoes and sneakers, you are at the risk of having your feet slip off the pedals when you least expect it and thus interrupt your routines.

Meanwhile, with your feet practically attached to the pedals, you won’t face any disruption or unwanted accidents.

It is obviously unfamiliar at first when you put on Peloton shoes, for you cannot simply pull away. There is a whole procedure you have to follow and detach your soles from the pedals.

Final Words

After our Peloton shoe sizing guide, you can conclude that they offer true-to-size footwear for regular feet and know how to find the most suitable pair for your activities.

Don’t forget to measure both the length and the width of your feet, check if the soles are stable enough, and keep an eye on velcros, then you will have nothing to worry about.

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