How To Clean Rainbow Sandals At Home?

how to clean Rainbow sandals at home

Do you know how to clean Rainbow sandals by yourself? If you don’t, unfortunately, you might have a bad experience when they get some stains or reek of a very gross smell. However, with a bit of effort and tricks, it’s quite easy to keep your sandals good as new!

Some Notices Before Cleaning

Material of the shoes

If you know what your sandals are made of, you already have a good start for a thorough cleaning. The most common materials used in making Rainbow footwears are leather, nylon, rubber, and hemp. Each of them has different notes you should keep in mind when you tend to sandals.

Style of the shoes

Aside from the material, the style also affects your cleaning method. For example, a plain strap made of nylon would be less of a hassle to deal with compared to a complex strap with braids and leather. The more details your sandals have, the more difficult it is for you.

The warranty policy

As a brand with a reputation, Rainbow sandals come with a warranty.

The warranty policy Rainbow offers will not be responsible for stains from normal use (as they are unavoidable), hence it doesn’t cover getting water on your sandals even for cleaning purposes.

Furthermore, any bad leather condition that comes from water damage and conditioners will not be part of the policy. The brand also doesn’t recommend using petroleum-based chemicals on their sandals, for these oil-based substances might separate the sole into multiple layers.

With that said, you should be ready to face the risk of voiding your warranty if you want your sandals to look and smell nice.

How To Clean Dirty Rainbow Sandals?

You would be seeing different detergents for cleaning if you browse the market, yet we would try to not involve strong chemicals as much as we can. Let’s check this all-rounder method out!

Dirty Rainbow Sandals

What to prepare

  • Lukewarm water: enough to dissolve soap and maintain the quality of the materials.
  • Dishwashing soap: very effective in removing stains and not harmful to the texture.
  • A small brush or toothbrush with a soft bristle.
  • A bowl to store the cleanser mixture.
  • Cotton cloth and paper towel for drying.

Best way to clean rainbow sandals

  1. The insole and the upper side of the sandal need to get rid of dirt and soil before anything else, thus your first task will be using the brush to gently remove the stains on the surface.
  2. For the stubborn dirt, we will remove them with a mildly dampened cloth. Be tender and careful when you rub the cloth against your sandals.
  3. Mix several drops of soap in the bowl filled with lukewarm water and stir slightly. Use this fine mixture to wet a new cloth and wring the excess moisture out. You don’t want to clean your Rainbow sandals with excess wetness and slipperiness.
  4. Rub the soap-absorbed cloth along the straps first and proceed to the insoles. Don’t forget to move the cloth in circles and avoid being too harsh with the material, or you might ruin it in the end.
  5. The faint stains on the sandals should be gone first. If there are heavy stains clinging to the material, you can bring the brush back to the game. Brushing gently with the soft bristle will help you remove persistent marks.
  6. Once you’re satisfied with the outcome, get the paper towel and dry the sanders. Not only does the water have to go, but also the soap coming along with it. If left for a long time, soapy remnants can cause destructive consequences.
  7. Be patient and give the newly freshened sandals sufficient time to air-dry. Nonetheless, make sure sunlight doesn’t get to them directly.


  • Be gentle all the time: when you brush the stains off, rub the wet cloth, and dry the sandals.
  • Keep the sandals dry at all times.

Extra: Avoid using this

  • Cleaners with petroleum or oil base and leather conditioners

Those are the products you want to avoid at all costs. The Rainbow brand points out explicitly that these products are harmful to the material of their sandals. If the sandals suffer delamination due to using products they have warned you not to use, your warranty is void.

Aside from the stains, the bad odor is also another possible issue you have to take care of, and there are certain products you would want to stay away from:

  • Bleach

Although bleach is extremely effective when it comes to cleaning stinky Rainbow sandals, it also stiffens and dries out the leather. The texture might begin to break once your sandals have dried up completely.

For alcohol-based substances, be sure to spray all over the area instead of focusing on one small spot.

For the best methods to deal with the smelly sandals, please read on!

How To Remove The Scents?

After being in use, visible stains are only the very first problem. Eventually, dead skin cells and sweat will accumulate and build up in the layers of the material, which results in unpleasant smells. Good news: we have many solutions for the mishaps.

remove the stains on Rainbow sandals


Let’s not go for the harsh method right off the bat! The sun is amazing at getting the unwanted smell out of your sandals.

You only need to find a good spot that catches enough sunlight and air. Leave the sandals for a few days before checking on them again. Even if it is not enough, you will have them ready for the next necessary steps.


You can get high-concentrated alcohol for rubbing from most drugstores. Use it to dampen paper towels and put them on the areas that come in contact with your feet the most. After a few hours, they will become dry, and your sandals should be good to go.


Vodka is a more common and accessible alternative to rubbing alcohol. Fill your spray bottle with a compatible amount of vodka and spray the substance all over the sandals. It will take a couple of hours under the sun for the vodka to neutralize bad odors and evaporate without a trace.

Baking soda

In case you didn’t know, baking soda is one of the best components for absorbing particles with a heavy smell. You need a bag large enough for your sandals and ½ cup of baking soda. The bag should have a zip or something similar so you can shake it aggressively without concerns.

Ensure the powder covers your sandals before sealing the bag and giving it 1 – 2 days. Once done, you can get the sandals out, brush the baking soda away, and wear your favorite item again.

Albeit not a convenient method, cat litter works similarly to baking soda and absorbs a lot of bad odors. If you have it ready in the house, it is a decent alternative!

White vinegar

There are many available methods in our house, and white vinegar is usually the first option. What you have to do is prepare a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and water in a flat tray. Afterward, place the sandals upside-down in the liquid and allow it a few hours. The sunlight will do the rest and dry them for you.

Tips To Make Rainbow Sandals Last Longer

We have discussed removing stains and getting rid of bad smells, but you need to take care of your sandals so they never end up in a terrible condition that can’t be fixed. When the sandal season ends, you have some tasks to do if you don’t want mold on Rainbow sandals:

  • Always clean your sandals before putting them in storage so the stains can’t settle and reach too deep inside the layers.
  • The sandals should be air-dried thoroughly in advance. Mildew and mold would love to build a home in your sandals if there is enough moisture left for them to live off.
  • Pepper a thin film of baking soda or powder over them to prevent terrible smells from developing over time.
  • Put the sandals in your closet or somewhere dry and indoor. Leaving them on the doorstep is not a good choice.

Final Words

It’s important to know how to clean Rainbow sandals at home properly because the comfort these sandals bring to us is undeniable, hence they deserve that much care. Treat them with care, and they will remain a valuable item in your closet for years.

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