10 Famous Hiking Shoe Brands To Fulfill Your Happiness

Famous Hiking Shoe Brands

Hiking shoes are at the center of attention for outdoor adventures. Whether you are a seasoned trekker or a beginner, you should have at least a pair of high-quality hiking shoes.

In this guide, we will explore the top hiking shoe brands in the industry, the reasons behind their popularity, unique designs and innovations in their products, and helpful information on their best-sellers.

10 Famous Hiking Shoe Brands To Fulfill Your Happiness


adidas Terrex Free Hiker 2.0
adidas Terrex Free Hiker 2.0

Adidas by Adolf Dassler is the second largest sportswear brand after Nike. So, it is obvious that the brand is a reputable choice for hiking footwear. How? Check the Terrex collection.

The first reason the Adidas Terrex shoes are the best hiking shoes for beginners is their high affordability. The Terrex Swift R3 GTX is stable, supportive, and tough as a hiking boot at a competitive price of 1 pound 11.9 ounces (for the men’s version).

Despite their low price, Adidas hiking shoes feature the latest technologies aimed at the customer’s experience on every move.

Some of them are the GORE-TEX, Continental rubber for the outsoles, and Boost technology for lightweight and breathability.

All this awesomeness from Adidas results in a sturdy Terrex that can’t be defeated!

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Columbia hiking shoes

Columbia has left a legacy of affordable outdoor footwear in the USA and globally. This Oregon-based brand started making shoes in 1938, focusing on shoes that don’t break its customers’ wallets.

It has also been highly recommended on online communities for backpackers as one of the best men’s hiking shoe brands.

You can get high-quality shoes for your casual hiking hobby within a small budget.

Newton Ridge has a seam-sealed leather upper, padded collar, and tongue for moderate hikes, national park walks, or a short tour around town.

Or, the Fairbanks comes with Omni-Tech for waterproofing, Omni-Heat liner, and 200-gram insulation to keep your feet warm.

Columbia hiking shoes ensure to fulfill your basic demands, especially for starters or casual hikers with a limited budget.


Danner hiking shoes

Danner, a Portland-based footwear brand, was created for loggers in 1932. The brand then moved to mountaineering shoes with a classic appearance and attractive styles.

Danner hiking boots are suitable for light outdoor sessions. Their designs mix modern trail and casual wear, which applies to various outfits.

Another unique feature of Danner is its “recrafting” services which allows you to renew your boots. This shoe renewal service reduces the replacement costs while offsetting the initial purchase.

Here are two important notes you should consider before getting Danner hiking shoes.

First, these shoes might be unsuitable for high-mileage hikes with a full load.

Second, there are no notable technologies used in shoes. The shoes are good enough for light hiking sessions only.

La Sportiva

La Sportiva hiking shoes

If you are searching for Italian hiking shoe brands, La Sportiva should be the first one on your shortlist.

The brand was established in 1928 in Ziano di Fiemme, Italy, specializing in technical hiking and mountain shoes for pros. The two most highlighted models of this brand are the Nepal Cube GTX and TX3.

La Sportiva shoes focus on performance, thanks to their great craftsmanship. TX is among the clear examples of its strong points.

For instance, the TX4 has excellent grip on wet terrain, but is still flexible enough for long trails. A minor drawback of these Italian hiking shoes is that they are more on the narrow side.

Recently, the brand has expanded its target market to casual hiking and backpacking shoes. It also made wider shoes for the public, with its first wide-fit ones in 2021.


Keen Utility shoes
Keen Utility shoes

KEEN is an Oregon-based classic hiking brand focused on quality and affordability. Many hiking boots, especially the Targhee, have a unique fit with extra space in the toebox for long-distance comfort when your feet are about to swell.

Yet, this shoe design can be sloppy in technical terrain and a disadvantage in speed.

KEEN is also active in social and environmental issues. This brand has eliminated PFCs – harmful chemicals – from most of its production.

Plus, they often donate to communities impacted by natural disasters. The brand also has a grant sponsorship to deliver its outdoor shoes to underserved communities.


Merrell snow boots
Merrell snow boots

Merrell was founded by two ex-Rossignol ski executives in 1981 and has become among the most popular hiking shoe brands.

Although this Michigan-based shoe brand is less innovative than Salomon, it is still a good choice for casual hikers and backpackers with its strong focus on comfort and affordability.

The two most loved Merrell shoes are Moab and MQM.

The Moabs, especially the Moab 3, is a series of low-top hiking boots with two versions – waterproof and non-waterproof.

On the other hand, the MQM is a lightweight option for quick movements. This Merrell shoe features Gore-Tex with a light weight of 1 pound per pair.

Beyond hiking shoes, Merrel also offers outdoor sandals and work boots.

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Oboz hiking shoes

If you are a hiker with a high environmental consciousness, you should have heard of Oboz. You will plant a new tree for every shoe order from the brand.

This Bozeman, Montana-based brand uses renewable electricity from wind, solar, and biomass to power their offices.

Oboz hiking shoes are highly praised for their supportive, comfort-centric designs. The heart of these shoes, the O Fit insole, gives you a custom fit at first wear with a cupped heel and a medium-height arch.

Yet, Oboz is more on the traditional side than its rivals like Adidas or Danner.

You can choose the most appropriate pair of Oboz shoes while browsing its website. While browsing, you can select your terrain, shoe material, shoe height, foot shape, waterproof or non-waterproof, etc. Through these filters, you can pick shoes with less time and effort.


atmos x Salomon XT-6 “Stars Collide”

Since 1947, the French sportswear brand Salomon by François Salomon has been a market leader in innovative outdoor footwear, especially hiking ones.

This Annecy-based footwear giant offers a wide range of well-built hiking boots and shoes for adventure enthusiasts. X Ultra 4, Quest 4, and Outpulse are its three best-selling models.

Born in the heart of the French Alps, Salomon understands the needs of hikers.

Whether you are a casual day hiker or an experienced backpacker, Salomon hiking shoes promise to deliver top-notch comfort, support, and durability on your adventures.

Some notable technologies you can find on Salomon hiking footwear.

  • Quicklace System: This exclusive lacing system allows you to pull off the shoes within seconds. It also lets you create a custom fit for your shoes while on the go.
  • Gore-Tex membrane: This membrane is sewn onto the upper to prevent moisture and water splashes from entering the shoe’s inner part, with nearly no extra weight on the shoe.

Usually, Salomon Gore-Tex shoes are treated with a water-repellent coating on the upper.

The North Face

The North Face hiking shoes

The North Face was founded in 1966 and is now headquartered in California, USA. Regarding hiking shoes, it is mainly known for the waterproof Ultra 111WP and the lightweight Hedgehog Fastpack II.

High-speed movement ability is a notable characteristic of all the North Face hiking shoes. The shoes are relatively lighter than traditional hiking shoes and boots, allowing you to move freely.

Some other innovations from this brand include FUTURELIGHT waterproof membranes for protection and rocker soles for all-day comfort.

Comfortable and safe as they may seem, these Salomon hiking shoes are unsuitable for wide feet. The shoes are pretty narrow on the forefoot.

So, if you need spacious footwear for your wide feet, check out other hiking shoe brands in this article.

Timberland – Best Waterproof hiking shoes

Timberland hiking shoes

Timberland was founded in 1952 by the Russian-American shoemaker Nathan Swartz. Since then, the brand has focused on outdoor footwear.

Timberland boots are designed for various purposes, including walking and hiking. They are waterproof and well-insulated to keep your feet warm and comfortable all day.

The boots are fashionable and can be mixed with nearly any item in your wardrobe, which is great for all occasions of the year.

Depending on your hiking style, you can choose the classic White Ledge Mid Waterproof or the low-profile, casual outdoor Garrison Trail Low.

Final Words

The best hiking shoe brands in this article, including Columbia, Adidas, Salomon, and more, offer various choices for hikers of all levels and preferences.

Whether it is the Boost technology from Adidas or the commitment to sustainability from Oboz, the brands set their benchmarks, ensuring that their hikers stay chill and productive on their outdoor exploration journeys.

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