Do Hey Dudes Have Arch Support?

“Do Hey Dudes have arch support?” We can’t count how many times we have heard the question from people who want to give Hey Dude a try, but still feel a bit hesitant.

The brand is well-known for its sense of fashion and comfort, so will it be too much to also demand support from them?

Let’s dive into this comprehensive article for the answer!

Do Hey Dudes Have Arch Support?

Although the Hey Dude footbed is a flat structure of memory foam, this material easily conforms to our feet and thus offers ample support for the arches.

Foam is a very pliant material, hence the parts coming into contact with your feet will sink a bit, while the rest is pushed to fill the curve of your foot’s arch.

The heels Hey Dude designed for weight distribution are also crucial here, for they make sure neither the toes nor the heels have to endure the extra weight.

Thus, it positions the arch in a balanced and convenient place to receive support.

Do Hey Dudes Have Insoles?

Hey Dude Arch Support Insole is the key behind the supportive feeling you get from these shoes.

The insole of Hey Dude shoes is made of memory foam, which can embrace every detail of a foot and memorize them to further enhance the fit as time goes by. It’s partially why Hey Dude can satisfy all demands regarding how high or low your foot’s arch is.

Some Hey Dude designs offer removable insoles too, so you can easily replace them with newer and better insoles or orthotics for more comfort. It also allows us to wash the shoes more easily and keep them clean!

Hey Dude Arch Support Insole
Wally Hey Dude insole

Why Does Arch Support Matter In Hey Dudes?

Do you know what Hey Dude users expect from the arch support and why do they want it so much?

For flat feet

The primary focus of Hey Dude is support and comfort for long hours of use, hence we have the memory foam that contours and provides arch support for our feet. That’s why flat feet are not a problem for these shoes.

Furthermore, the arch support built into the shoes and the slip-resistant outsoles help the user walk with confidence in a proper gait. When you achieve a natural position for your feet, you won’t have to endure foot fatigue as much.

For plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis can be extremely painful and difficult for you to simply stand for too long. Once again, Hey Dude and its arch support come into play for more reasons than mere alleviation of the pain.

It lifts the arch of your foot into the natural state you need, which plantar fasciitis tends to steal from you. The flexibility in Hey Dude’s support is also beneficial in keeping your gait proper.

For walking all-day

The style and the comfort of Hey Dude make them incredibly popular for casual use. If you stand or walk all day, the arch support in these shoes will go a long way because they keep you comfortable while also maintaining proper posture.

Without the proper support for your arch when you don’t have much time to sit down and rest, your feet will be in pain and unfavorable alignment as well.

Arch Support In Hey Dude Shoes

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1. Who needs shoes with arch support?

People have a lot of discussions about arch support and here are the signs that you might need it for your shoes.

  • High arches or no arches

Whether your foot’s arch is too high to receive support from the insoles or too low to reduce pressure on your entire foot, arch support can help you deal with the problem.

  • Pain

The pain in your heel can be a warning sign of plantar fasciitis. It makes you unable to walk normally and misaligns your gait, resulting in knee pain and even back pain.

Good arch support can soothe the pain and improve your posture simultaneously.

  • Shin splints

When your feet don’t get enough support to stay in the appropriate position, they will roll outward or inward as you move and send sharp rushes of pain along your shin bones.

2. Can too much arch support hurt your feet?

The support for our arch mostly comes from orthotics, though it doesn’t mean the more, the better.

Orthotics serve the main purpose of absorbing shock and supporting your arch, yet if they are too thick and high, your feet will roll outwards and distribute your body weight inaccurately.

Such misplacement of weight is the potential beginning of plantar fasciitis, and it will hurt you severely in the long run.

3. How do I get more arch support in my shoes?

The most common solution for arch support is inserts and orthotics. Not the ones from drugstores, but the ones produced and sold by the brands you purchased your shoes from.

However, you need to make sure that your shoes are available for additional inserts, or your feet will feel sore and tired after a very short time. A few of them are high heels, sandals, and flip-flops.

Final Words

Hey Dudes have good arch support, even though the brand takes pride in this feature along with extra cushioning and maximum comfort without compromising the arch support.

This means the shoes don’t come with built-in or specialized arch support, hence you might need to find another brand if you want heavy-duty footwear. Otherwise, you will be happy with what Hey Dude provides.

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