Do Doc Martens Run Big? Doc Martens Sizing Chart & Fit Guide

Dr. Martens Brand

Do Doc Martens run big or small?

If the unique design and the excellent performance are catching your attention but the lore about Doc Martens’ sizing is making you insecure, you have come to the right place.

We have the full Doc Martens size chart and the answer you are looking for as well as the solution for all possible problems!

Overview Of Dr Marten

Dr. Marten Logo

After an ankle injury in 1945, Doctor Klaus Martens concluded that the military boots they had weren’t doing what they should be doing.

During this time, he attempted to improve the boots with softer leather and padding made of tires.

Martens’ idea was undeniably great, though his marketing strategies went nowhere until he reunited with an old friend who knew what they needed to do and how they should approach customers.

A bit more than a decade later, the brand has expanded enough for them to consider producing and promoting their products internationally. They have the famous 1460 design that is still in production today.

Do Doc Martens Run Big, Small, Or True To Size?

Before you think about sizing up or down, let’s make it clear that Doc Martens shoes will be one of the most challenging footwear to break in you have ever seen.

Doc Martens footwear tends to fit true to size if you don’t have in-between measurements, though some of the classic designs feel a little big or tight at first.

Let’s go into the details and choose the most suitable product for your needs!

Doc Martens Sandals

Dr. Martens’ sandals might feel a bit big when you unbox them. But we need you to remain calm and not demand a refund immediately!

These sandals are so much heavier and larger than what you often see in sandals, hence you will surely need some time to familiarize yourself with them.

Nonetheless, it won’t be a problem if the sandals you purchase come with adjustable straps.

Doc Martens Boots

Dr. Martens mens boots

  • Dr. Marten 1460 Boots

The classic 1460 boots from Doc Martens are one of the iconic designs contributing to the brand’s reputation. It isn’t as suitable for combat as it looks, yet it does an amazing job as a fashionable item.

Most people will find them larger than regular sizes unless they have wide feet. Since Dr. Martens doesn’t come in half sizes, your best option is sizing down.

  • Dr. Marten Chelsea Boots & Jadons

It is safe to say most of the boots from Dr. Martens are not too different from 1460 regarding sizes, despite the alternative materials such as vegan leather or patent leather.

If you don’t want to have your feet sliding back and forth inside overly big shoes, trust us and size down!

The leather will eventually soften and contour your feet, and you can fully enjoy the luxurious comfort.

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Doc Martens Loafers

Loafers by Doc Martens generally run from true to size to slightly larger than normal.

It shouldn’t raise too much concern for you if you have normal foot width, as the loafers take some time to embrace your feet perfectly.

Likewise, people with wide feet would feel good in Dr. Martens loafers with thin socks. Meanwhile, narrow feet might need a smaller size.

Doc Marten Mary Janes

Doc Marten Mary Janes

We don’t recommend sizing up with Mary Janes because they fit true to size!

If you have narrow feet, you can consider a smaller size. Sticking to the regular size and utilizing inserts for more versatility would be a wise choice too!

Doc Martens Mules, Clogs, Slides

They are not the best-sellers from Doc Martens, though we will cover everything in case you have grown fond of this brand and wish to stick to them!

  • The mules run small, according to Doc Martens themselves.
  • DMs’ clogs are true to regular sizes.
  • Like sandals, slides require sometimes mold to your feet, yet they are likely true to size.

Dr. Martens Shoe Size Chart

The best way to not confuse yourself with different sizing standards is to take a few notes of how Doc Martens handles its sizes:

  • Doc Martens follows the UK sizing standard because it is a British brand. Between UK and US standards, the US sizes are a whole size bigger.
  • You won’t get any half sizes from Doc Martens. Therefore, you should be prepared to not get a perfect fit.

If you use in-between sizes, we recommend going for the larger size and using inserts to adjust instead of getting something too tight for you.

Dr. Marten Men’s Shoe Size Chart

US Men UK EUR JP Inches
4 3 36 22 9.35″
5 4 37 23 9.68″
6 5 38 23.5 10.02″
7 6 39 24.5 10.35″
8 7 41 25.5 10.68″
9 8 42 26 11.02″
10 9 43 27 11.34″
11 10 45 28 11.69″
12 11 46 29 12.03″
13 12 47 29.5 12.36″
14 13 48 12.70″
15 14 49.5 13.03″
16 15 51 13.36″

Dr. Marten Women’s Shoe Size Chart

US Wommen UK EUR JP Inches
5 3 36 22 9.21″
6 4 37 23 9.54″
7 5 38 23.5 9.88″
8 6 39 24.5 10.21″
9 7 41 25.5 10.55″
10 8 42 26 10.88″
11 9 43 27 11.22″

Dr. Marten Kid’s Shoe Size Chart

Youth footwear (big kids)

US Kids UK EUR JP Inches
5 4 37 23 9.54″
6 5 38 23.5 9.88″

Junior footwear (little kids)

US Kids UK EUR JP Inches
11 10 28 17 7.2″
12 11 29 18 7.53″
13 12 31 18.5 7.87″
1 13 32 19.5 8.20″
2 1 33 20.5 8.54″
3 2 34 21.5 8.86″
4 3 36 22 9.21″

Toddler footwear

US Kids Age (approx) UK EUR JP inches
7 18-24 months 6 23 13.5 5.86″
8 2 years 7 23.5 14 6.20″
9 3 years 8 26 15 6.53″
10 4 years 9 27 16 6.87″

Infant footwear

US kids Age (approx) UK EUR JP Inches
4 12-18 months 3 19 11 4.86″
5 12-18 months 4 20 12 5.19″
6 18-24 months 5 21.5 12.5 5.53″

Newborn footwear

US kids Age (approx) UK EUR JP Inches
1 0-3 months 0 16 8 3.82″
2 3-6 months 1 17 9 4.15″
3 6-9 months 2 18 10 4.49″
4 9-12 months 3 19 11 4.82″

For Your First Time Buying Doc Martens

Of course, there is no better way to get your favorite shoes than by visiting an authentic store and trying a few pairs on.

However, if you have no time or no access to a Doc Martens shop, it’s time to get your hands working.

How To Find Your Size In Doc Martens?

Before searching for a beautiful design from Doc Martens, it’s better if we already know our size, which can be obtained with a simple process:

  1. Wear the thickest socks you have because you will need them for Doc Martens footwear.
  2. Put your foot on a piece of paper and draw its shape. The outline would be more accurate if you have someone doing it while you stand straight and let your weight put pressure on your feet.
  3. Find the longest and widest parts of your foot before measuring these distances.
  4. Use our size chart and guide to determine the most suitable option.

If your shoes tick all the boxes here, you can be certain they are the right fit for you:

  • The arch of your feet receives sufficient support and proper alignment without any pain.
  • There shouldn’t be any slip at your heel. Since Doc Martens breaks in very slowly, some rubbing is considered normal.
  • Your toes need to curl and stretch comfortably, so the toe box must give them enough room.

Extra Sizing Tips

If you are a perfectionist or simply in need of precision, you can invest more effort and time in these tips:

  • Always measure your feet and try your shoes after you have been active. The heat will enlarge your feet, which is the limit the shoes need to cover.
  • If you don’t know which is the larger foot of yours, measure both of them and choose the bigger numbers!
  • Check your size every year! Aging and health conditions might change the measurements significantly.

As we have mentioned, Dr. Martens’s boots don’t feel soft as soon as they are out of the box. And there are tricks to keep you going strong until the shoes are flawlessly comfortable:

  • Walk around indoors and let your feet familiarize themselves with the new shoes.
  • Put the insoles away if the shoes seem too tight around your feet and insert another insole for more cushioning if you need it.
  • Always wear your thickest socks so you will be free from blisters.
  • Use conditioner and heat to speed this tough time up!

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1. Do Dr. Martens Stretch?

The original Doc Martens footwear was work boots, so it is very understandable that they are extremely durable and sturdy.

This virtue remains the same with the current DMs. They are made to be with you for years, decades even.

Although they will slowly mold to your feet, they won’t exactly stretch and loosen too much, unless you use harsh methods such as using the highest heat mode of your dryer on them.

2. How Do I Break In My Dr. Martens?

If you plan to get Doc Martens shoes, especially boots, you might know how notorious they are for the long break-in time, which affects how they fit.

Fortunately, with the right tools, you can quicken this process and make them accommodate your feet much faster.

What you will need: a small heater or a hair dryer, leather conditioner, and paper towels. The steps are below:

1. Warm up the shoes

Heat is an important factor for leather to stretch and absorb the oil later.

Hence, we will begin by warming the insides of the footwear up for 5 – 6 minutes with our chosen heat source. Be gentle to not ruin the seams or the glued spots.

2. Use leather conditioner

If you want the leather to look polished, avoid cracks, and simply survive many seasons, conditioning is an indispensable task. It also shortens the break-in period without causing any damage!

3. Let the shoes rest

10 minutes should be enough for the conditioner to be absorbed.

4. Apply another coat

You can apply the conditioner on the inside for quicker effects, yet be attentive so you won’t make a mess on the insoles.

5. Heat the shoes again

It is necessary for the second coat of oil to sink in and the excess oil will evaporate.

6. Clean the shoes

You can wipe the shoes clean after heating them or give them a few extra minutes for thorough absorption. Afterward, they are ready to serve.

Final Words

Doc Martens runs fitted in most cases, though you would want to be more careful if you are having your eyes on the boots because they have a reputation for being bigger than they should be.

If you don’t have wide feet, going for the smaller size is the optimized solution. Once you get the accurate size, you are sure to get ample cushioning and support for every step you take.

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