Are OOFOS Waterproof? Can OOFOS Get Wet?

OOFOS shoes are highly recommended by podiatrists and health specialists worldwide. They have even been certified as safe for foot health and recovery by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

But are OOFOS waterproof? If yes, how does this waterproofness of OOFOS affect their supportiveness, durability, and use?

Are OOFOS Waterproof?

Most OOFOS are waterproof, so you can wear OOFOS in the shower after a sweaty gym session or in your bathroom. You can wear OOFOS outside when walking on the beach/pool or gardening in your backyard.

OOFOS are made of OOFoam – a closed-cell foam that does not absorb moisture and bacteria. For this reason, OOFoam also helps minimize annoying odor on your feet, primarily when used in hot weather.

There is an important note: no OOFOS are certified for slip resistance. Thus, be careful when wearing these shoes on wet surfaces.

Here is a table of OOFOS that are waterproof and those that are not.

Waterproof Not waterproof
OOFOS Flip Flops


OOFOS Slides

OOmg Shoes

OOmg Boots

OOmg Booties
OOFOS Sandals

Are OOFOS Washable?

When your OOFOS are dirty, you can wash them easily by hand or in a washing machine.

You can wipe dirt off the shoes with a soft, wet cloth. Or, you can put them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent.

Are OOFOS Non-Slip?

No OOFOS are certified as slip-resistant.

You should be extra careful when using OOFOS in wet, slippery conditions. For example, in your bathroom, on snowy stairs, or in surgery rooms in a hospital.

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How Special Is The OOFoam Material?

OOFoam is the exclusive material of OOFOS. Every pair of OOFOS, no matter which style it is, is manufactured with OOFoam technology.

So, why and how can OOFoam be so special?

OOFoam technology

OOFoam Is Supportive

OOFoam provides more support protection to your feet. It can absorb 37% more impact than your traditional EVA foam.

This exclusive material can better protect your footbed and arches by equally spreading the energy to two sides.

Furthermore, it lowers the stress on your knees, ankles, lower back, and hips.

OOFOS are highly recommended by scientists and doctors to fasten the recovery process or prevent foot-related issues (like plantar fasciitis, bunions, neuromas, and hammertoes).

OOFoam can help you maintain your natural walking gaits and relax your whole body. Thus, it can help to relax your body. You can use your OOFOS as recovery shoes after a stressful workout or a busy day.

OOFOS mold to your foot’s shape as you walk. In other words, walking on OOFOS is light and comfortable, like on clouds and sand.

OOFoam Is Breathable

OOFoam has a closed mold construction. Yet, it still provides adequate breathability for your feet, even on hot summer days.

Please notice that the breathability of OOFOS also depends on its shoe style. The open-toed style, like OOFOS flip-flops, is more breathable than the closed-toe styles.

OOFoam Is Easy To Be Cleaned

Another strong plus of OOFoam is that you can maintain its cleanliness super easily at home, with no extra fee for a professional cleaning service.

If your OOFOS get dirty, use a soft washcloth or paper to wipe them down.

OOFoam Is Durable

OOFoam provides the ultimate support and cushioning throughout the life of your OOFOS. This material doesn’t lose its integrity like your traditional EVA foam.

According to some wear tests, OOFoam moves with your foot and the ground as you walk, even on hard surfaces. Thus, it has a lower abrasion score than those with a traditional outsole.

The lifetime use of your OOFOS depends on two criteria – how often you use the shoes and your natural walking gait. If you wear your OOFOS many hours daily, they can wear out more quickly.

You should replace your OOFOS when detecting wears on the grooves of the shoe’s outsole.

OOFOam Is Non-Toxic

Last but not least, OOFoam is safe for you and the environment.

Instead of cheap EVA foam, OOFoam is made of cruelty-free and vegan materials with no toxic properties.

It is also coated with a non-toxic coating layer. So, you can feel happy to have OOFOS on your every step with or without socks.

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1. How Long Do OOFOS Last?

With regular use, OOFOS can last 4 to 6 months, just like your running shoes. The lifespan of your OOFOS shoes also varies depending on 3 main factors, including:

  • How often you use the shoes;
  • The environment you often walk with your OOFOS;
  • Your natural gait.

You should replace your OOFOS as soon as you notice signs of wearing down, like the shoes becoming more slippery when wet due to less traction or the shoes being too thin.

2. What Does OOFOS Mean?

OOFOS is the first sound of customers’ feedback on this brand’s sandals.

When the OOFOS’s founder and its marketing team asked some customers to try on its recovery sandal designs. Most of them replied: “OOO! These feel amazing!”.

Then, OOFOS became the official name of this footwear brand.

3. What Are OOFOS Good For?

OOFOS are suitable for everyone. Everyone can benefit from these orthopedic shoes, from those who have to stand or walk on their feet, have foot-related problems, have overcome foot surgery, etc.

Final Words

In sum, most OOFOS are waterproof, except for OOmg Shoes, OOmg Boots, OOmg Booties, and OOFOS Sandals.

This waterproofness of OOFOS allows you to walk confidently and safely, no matter who you are.

Since no OOFOS is slip-resistant, you should be cautious when using these shoes on wet or high-moisture surfaces.

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