10 Signature Steph Curry Shoes

Steph Curry Shoes

Another NBA season concludes, and now is the time for fans to keep an eye out for hot collaborations, Steph Curry shoes being one of them.

He might not win the ultimate title, though both the retro and new shoes he has worn over the years will still be a force to be reckoned with in the market!

About Steph Curry Shoes

Steph Curry, also known as Stepth, is one of the must-known names in the NBA. He is the point guard for the Golden State Warriors, part of the national senior team since 2010. No NBA fan hasn’t heard of his 3-point shoots.

Steph Curry signed with Under Armour in 2013 for the official launch of a brand under his name. After seven years of efforts, he earned the President title for the Curry Brand and thus received more resources to further develop it.

Recently, Steph Curry celebrated his 10th year working with Under Armour and released the 10th sneaker design for this milestone. The stock grows with time and gives Steph even more than his earning from NBA.

Despite the fairly long collaboration, both Under Armour and Steph Curry still state that they have only just begun. They want to deliver many more inspirational stories and create the most sporty designs for enthusiasts.

10 Signature Sneakers of Curry Brand

So, what is a better promotion for the Curry Brand than the products carrying the name itself?

UA Curry 1

UA Curry 1

Regardless of other factors, UA Curry 1 permanently has a special place because it is Stephen Curry’s first shoe.

Even if it doesn’t carry the name of the NBA star, it still is something we rarely see with cheeky dimples on the upper and special foam on the bottom.

Since that early day, Curry has been giving its customers festivals of color. People still remember the blue and yellow theme of “Dub Nation” or “Father 2 Son” with the storytelling through teal and purple.

They also stirred excitement by preparing an MVP version before Steph’s big match (which he won!) or the Candy Reign inspired by Sour Patch Kids.

Quality-wise, it is pretty good in the traction and cushion aspects, though the cushion was still lacking a bit if the wearer is too tall!

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UA Curry 2

Curry 1 was accepted and appreciated and thus left pressure on the staff during the creation of Curry 2.

They maintained the traction and inserted Charged Cushioning. The quality had a huge upgrade, though the design remained the same and received criticism.

The Curry 2 still sells well, though many experts would argue that its impact came from Steph’s excellent performance in 2016.

The signature colorway of Curry 2 is grey & orange in “Iron Sharpens Iron”.

According to Steph, it refers to the bible and encourages others to do what they want in the best way they can without any reservation.

UA Curry 3

UA Curry 3

Compared to its seniors, Curry 3 looks bulkier in the midsole and the heel. Furthermore, the blown 3 – 1 lead in the NBA 2016 Finals also took a toll on the sale.

Despite the unsuccessful retail, no one can deny Curry 3 has a lot of quality upgrades. It has better materials and hence provides better support for your feet.

The most meaningful version of the Curry 3 is the colorway inspired by the American flag, celebrating the double terms of President Obama. It was also worn on the day of Martin Luther King Jr.!

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UA Curry 4

After a good while away from the market, the Curry brand finally introduced its 4th generation in 2017 Fall. Steph wanted to put the bulky silhouette back to the past and decided to go with a new form.

The upper of Curry 4 with knitted materials and refined details looks more sleek and classy than its precedents. It’s not an exaggeration to say it was a leap for the entire Curry product line.

The performance is enhanced with a cross-centric pattern for more support and a speed plate. It marked the sweet revenge of the Warriors against the Cavs too, wherein people root for the explosive shoots of Steph.

UA Curry 5

If you look at the Curry 5, you might not believe it comes from the same brand as the 1st – 4th editions.

It’s the first Curry shoe with a low cut and minimalistic details. The rich and bold patterns are on a break!

Its upper resembles the Curry 4 and its knitted fabrics, though the midsole is much more responsive due to the EVA material.

Aside from the slight bounce, you will also feel your feet are fixated in the correct position because of the Anafoam with containment zones.

Nonetheless, as surprising as the low top was, not every Curry fan was fond of it, for it lacks a bit of ankle support.

UA Curry 6

UA Curry 6

The flaw of Curry 5 motivated Curry 6 to be more complete. It keeps the low cut and compensates for the lacking with a heel counter, hence your ankle area will feel more stable.

As his NBA career is skyrocketing, Steph Curry wishes to honor his hometown Oakland and bring his beautiful memories into the shoes under his name.

The colorways for the 6th generation remind us of Oakland as well as the jaw-dropping achievements in Steph’s career.

The most prominent version of Curry 6 is “Ten In The Town”, with Steph’s childhood memories and favorite places to be. They took the constructions and the street signs, then turned them into unforgettable patterns.

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UA Curry 7

From the profile, the Curry 7 looks slim and sleek, which might be a result of the design’s focus on aerodynamics. For sure, it is not pleasant for all fans, yet it is still an impressive product.

With the Curry 7, we officially say goodbye to the speed plate and welcome the time-flexible alternative. Another change is the HOVR cushion technology for extra stability.

Under Armour isn’t subtle with their ambition when they claim these shoes are meant to be compatible with Steph’s amazing performance on the court.

Curry 7 was also the first Curry footwear to bring in neon shades. It strangely suits the animal symbols that Steph uses as references to his dearest people, giving off an amiable vibe.

UA Curry 8

Surprisingly enough, Curry 8 was the first shoe released as a standalone Curry product and without the UA logo.

You can find some varieties of it like “Gold Blooded”, “Oakland Forever”, “Dub Nation”, or “Pi Day”.

Besides the ‘SC’ logo, Curry 8 features new technologies for cushioning and outsoles. Now its outsole is foam only with no rubber. Therefore, its traction on the court is great and the cushion is generous.

Although it feels good, the break-in period for it is much longer than the previous versions of Curry shoes. However, many buyers would argue that it is totally worth the wait!

UA Curry 9

UA Curry 9

According to many customers, Curry 9 is the best Steph Curry shoe and is even on the market.

Released on November 2021, it immediately gained attention due to attractive colorways with well-known characters such as Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Oscar the Grouch.

Curry 9 is mostly known for its stability and great traction. However, it is also the only disadvantage of Curry 9.

With so much traction, Curry 9 is better for indoor players and not outdoor courts.

Fun fact: When Steph Curry broke the 3-point record in NBA, he was also wearing these shoes!

UA Curry 10

Once again, the core structure of early models makes a comeback through the Curry 10, combined with the most innovative technologies for a unique hybrid.

This crossover is Steph’s favorite and a game-changer for him.

One would say Curry 10 is a tour of the Curry brand’s journey.

“More Magic” took inspiration from Curry 4, “Northern Lights” with the purple and teal shades akin to Curry 1, and the most eye-catching creation is Curry 10 “Sour Patch Kids”,  which BTS Suga is in love with.

Of course, UA Curry 10 is not only well-known for its internet impact but it also provides top-notch comfort and grip on the court!

Are Steph Curry Shoes Good?

It’s hard to deny that the first factor that draws us to the UA x Steph combination might be the impressive colorways and the memorable milestone attached to them.

For example, the Steph Curry shoes All-Star 2022 Game is the Curry 2 FloTro, packed with outstanding patterns and backed up by the 50 points he scored.

However, as a renowned shoemaker, Under Armour consistently upgrades its shoes with technologies and provides dynamic movements for its customers.

By the time it became a standalone product line for Curry, the design has been complete with breathable uppers, comfy sock liners, responsive soles, grip on the court, and lightness.

According to Steph Curry, the shoes collaborated by him and Under Armour are game-changing.

He admits to being a particularly difficult shoe wearer, especially when the product carries his name.

For him, the shoes must help the players unlock their potential and grab control over the games.

Final Words

Steph Curry shoes have become a popular and desirable collection for NBA fans and shoe enthusiasts.

From the fashionable and inspirational patterns to the high-quality performance, it is encouragement and appreciation at the same time.

And, we still have many things to look forward to as the brand moves forth!

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