Where Are Kuru Shoes Made?

Where Are Kuru Shoes Made

If you have been in the sneaker community long enough, you might know about Kuru shoes – “the world’s most comfortable shoes.”

Kuru Footwear was founded in 2008 by Bret Rasmussen, a shoe enthusiast, and has its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. With a strong focus on foot comfort, these shoes quickly gained the favor of the public to become an emerging brand name in North America and globally.

Where are Kuru shoes made? Did they originate in the U.S. or somewhere in Asia?

Let’s learn the exciting story of Kuru shoes to understand their origins and how they are designed to care for your feet’ health.

Where Are Kuru Shoes Made?

All Kuru shoes are designed in the USA and are manufactured in partnered factories of the brand in Asia, especially China. However, there are no further details on the number of factories and manufacturing activities of the brand in China.

Kuru’s partnered factories in China align with the brand values and cooperate with the brand to embrace those values to its customers. They follow the brand’s high standards, providing shoes with world-class quality and support.

Kuru shoes made in China

The shoes are made of high-quality materials with perfection in detail. The brand maintains an ethical working environment, encouraging employees to focus on shoe craftsmanship and innovation.

No matter where Kuru shoes are manufactured, they are delivered to you from one of the brand’s two warehouses in the USA – either at Kuru Footwear headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, or Kentucky.

So, if your Kurus goes with the tag “Made in the USA,” they might be fake.

Shortly, Kuru might have a plan to make shoes in the USA. At least for now, you can support the growth of this American company and the American economy by purchasing and using Kuru shoes.

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Who Owns Kuru Footwear?

Bret Rasmussen is the founder and owner of Kuru Footwear. Bret is a first-time entrepreneur who dreams of building a footwear brand at age 5.

His dream became a reality when he launched Kuru Footwear in 2008, during the Great Recession.

Until now, Bret has grown Kuru Footwear to become one of the most emerging shoe brands in the U.S.

Kuru shoe brand

How Kuru Shoes Are Made?

Kuru shoes help relieve your foot pain. They come in various styles, made of high-quality materials and creative innovations. Most of all, they are made with sustainability in mind.

Various styles for everyone

KURU Footwear offers a wide variety of shoe styles for everyone, every purpose, and occasion. The shoe styles are ready for browsing on its official website.

  • Based on pain types: plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, heel pain, bunions, flat feet.
  • Based on activities: every day, standing all day, exercise, hiking, travel.
  • Based on careers: healthcare, restaurant, education, hair stylist, retail.

Thanks to its rich categories, you can choose a shoe style that best matches your lifestyle.

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Relief of foot pains with KURUSOLE

KURUSOLE is the heart of Kuru Footwear. In other words, every Kuru shoe comes with KURUSOLE – a life-changing technology for sneaker addicts.

KURUSOLE is the exclusive patented sole by Kuru Footwear, designed to hug your feet while walking. You can maintain a healthy stride and comfy ride using Kuru shoes embedded with KURUSOLE.

KURUSOLE Technology

There are 3 detailed benefits of KURUSOLE:

  • Customized to your foot shape: Over time, the sole will gradually mold to your foot shape using your body heat to give you a personalized fit.
  • Heel-to-toe support: The sole provides ultimate protection and shock absorption from the heel, ankle, and arch.
  • All-day comfort: The shoes are integrated with precision geometry and lightweight KURUCLOUD EVA foam. This orthopedic structure comforts you while in shoes for a long day.

With sustainability in mind

Kuru Footwear understands that footwear production is among the most polluting industries. So, the brand finds practical solutions to minimize its carbon footprint via KURU CARE.

KURU CARE is a non-profit fund initiated by Kuru Footwear. This program focuses on 4 pillars of sustainability and social impact, including:

  • Education: Kuru invests in kids’ education to help them have a bright future.
  • Economic development: Kuru improves people’s lives and reduces poverty.
  • Environmental impact: Kuru finds ways to reduce human impact on Earth, keeping the environment clean for everyone.
  • Health: Kuru conducts research to improve its footwear products while helping everyone live healthier, happier, and longer.

Therefore, purchasing a pair of Kuru shoes means you can donate a small amount of money to good causes. This sustainability trend is appealing to the youth, especially GenZ, who are highly aware of their consumption impacts on society and the environment.

Final Words

While being designed in America, Kuru shoes are manufactured in the brand’s partnered factories in China.

No matter where you get your Kuru shoes, you can always benefit from the 45-day free return policy at Kuru Footwear. If you are unhappy with your Kurus, you can return them for a full refund or exchange them for a different style or size.

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