How To Put Jibbitz On Crocs Easily?

How To Put Jibbitz On Crocs

We almost always hear about Jibbitz when the topic is Crocs, because these charms are a big part of Crocs’ popularity.

So, how to put Jibbitz on Crocs at home and without struggling?

We will show you simple and stress-free instructions here, and you can start personalizing your favorite shoes immediately!

What Is Jibbitz?

Jibbitz is a company designing and distributing accessories for footwear. After being merged with Crocs, they work exclusively for Crocs products only.

The variety of ideas, including animals, letters, objects, and more, makes Jibbitz easy to love by many people.

Jibbitz Crocs

Jibbitz charms are basically stickers made of plastic or rubber that you can attach to your Crocs and highlight spots of your choice.

The applications of Jibbitz are very versatile, thanks to the tie-on, clip, or original versions available.

These charms are also on sale individually, which optimizes the experience of customers who love to customize their shoes and express their style this way!

How To Put Jibbitz On Crocs With Holes?

If you are eager to decorate your Crocs, the best model to start with is the classic Crocs clogs or the modern Crocs slides.

The holes on these Crocs make Jibbitz-ing such a simple task, especially when you will be using the original Jibbitz.

Step 1. Choose a hole for your Jibbitz

Each standard Crocs clog comes with 13 holes, hence your first step will be to arrange the charms evenly.

Some other Crocs have openings across the upper band, and thus offer plenty of space for your creativity.

Step 2. Pinch and release the opening

This will loosen and elongate the holes a little bit, so your next move is simpler.

Crocs footwear is generally very flexible, hence you don’t need to worry about damage.

Put Jibbitz through hole on Crocs

Step 3. Slide the charms in

From the side, push the Jibbitz through the hole at an angle of 45 degrees until you hear a pop. The direction of the charm doesn’t matter, as long as you enjoy the final look.

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How To Put Jibbitz On Crocs Without Holes?

So, what if your Crocs don’t have the popular ventilation holes for your convenience? Fortunately, Jibbitz charms are available with ties and clips as well.

Put Tie Jibbitz On Crocs Sandals, Flip Flops

1. Choose a spot

Like how you select an opening in the classic Crocs, you will need to find a good spot on these Crocs straps.

Tie Jibbitz charms have a tiny loop that will come into play next.

2. Tighten the fit

Adjust the charm to the center of the strap and put the loop around it. Once you are satisfied with the position, lock the charm using the peg beneath it.

Put Clip Jibbitz On Crocs Sneakers

Put Clip Jibbitz On Crocs Sneakers

1. Choose a spot

In sneakers, we will find a good spot on the lace. Clip Jibbitz charms are easy to use, as long as you spare them enough room to stand out and look pretty.

2. Put charms on

There is a clip behind the charm, so you will need to pinch it open and slip it on one of the laces. When you release the clip, the charm will be fixed already.

How To Take Jibbitz Off Crocs?

How you remove Jibbitz charms from Crocs also depends on which type of Jibbitz you use.

For Original Jibbitz

Pinch the opening with the charm again and make it oblong for easier removal before pulling the charm out of the hole.

We recommend doing it at a diagonal angle too, so you won’t tear the opening out.

Take Jibbitz Off Crocs

For Tie Jibbitz

Unhook the loop from the peg and the charm will slip off your Crocs.

For Clip Jibbitz

Find the clamp and pinch it again to loosen the clip from your shoe laces. The charm will fall off with a gentle tug.


They all have one thing in common. You shouldn’t use too much force or you might leave some tearing at the holes, the laces, or the straps of your Crocs, especially when the footwear comes with fur or other equally vulnerable materials.

Take Care Of Jibbitz Charms

Being gentle when putting the charms on or removing them from your Crocs is a basic step in caring for them.

However, knowing how to use your Jibbitz collection is one thing. Maintaining it properly will be the key to it staying in prime condition for as long as possible.

Firstly, clean Jibbitz charms.

After removing them from your shoes, use a dampened cloth to wipe them thoroughly. Don’t use abrasive materials or harsh chemicals, as the surface of the charm may be vulnerable to those factors.

Secondly, store your charms properly.

If you don’t plan on using your Jibbitz yet, keeping them in a closed box is better than leaving them out in the open. You might want to invest in a case for storing charms for better management.

Lastly, pay attention to the charms.

Although Jibbitz charms are not fragile, being cautious will go a long way!

When you are constantly updated about the condition of your charms, you can immediately replace the damaged ones and keep your collection pristine.


1. Do Jibbitz fit on all Crocs?

Jibbitz charms typically come in one standard size, hence they will fit any Crocs you use.

However, the size of the packing is something you should consider! It’s good to get a suitable type of charm too, i.e. an original, tie, or clip.

Furthermore, Jibbitz might work on shoes from other brands if they have a similar design to Crocs. Nonetheless, the fit wouldn’t be completely secure since they weren’t made for each other.

2. How many Jibbitz holes are in Crocs?

A pair of original Crocs has 26 holes for Jibbitz, 13 on each foot. You will have plenty of room for creative arrangements.

Crocs with straps such as sandals or slides, as well as Crocs sneakers and their laces, don’t come with those well-known holes. Thus, we have specialized tie-on or clip Jibbitz charms for them.

3. Do you need a smaller Jibbitz for kids’ Crocs?

When you put Jibbitz on toddler Crocs, the size of the charm isn’t a concern, because Jibbitz products are likely to share the same standard size. What we need to take care of is the diameter of the holes on these small Crocs.

The most common method you can try is to heat your Crocs gently. The Croslite material will soften and allow you to enlarge the holes with a pen or your fingers.

Croslite will not return to its original form once cooled down, so make sure you don’t overstretch the openings.

Final Words

Now that you know how to put Jibbitz charms on Crocs of different types and the right maintenance method for them, nothing can stop you from giving your Crocs a style boost.

Let’s pick out your favorite charms and get to work!

Don’t forget to share your decorating and outfit ideas with your fellow Crocs enthusiasts!

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