Adidas Yeezy Slides Sizing: Are Yeezy Slides True To Size?

Yeezy Slide

Yeezy Slide is the interpretation of Kanye West for special athlete shoes that look like sandals.

Don’t neglect Yeezy Slides sizing if you are curious to know about them. How do they fit? Are they comfortable? Should you size up or size down when choosing them? The list goes on.

This article will give you a detailed answer on the fitting of Yeezy Slides, and also 12 interesting facts you should know about this Adidas sneaker.

Yeezy Slide Sizing Charts

Yeezy Slide Men’s size chart

US (Men’s) UK JP KR EU
4 4 22.5 225 37
5 5 23.5 235 38
6 6 24.5 245 39
7 7 25.5 255 40.5
8 8 26.5 265 42
9 9 27.5 275 43
10 10 28.5 285 44.5
11 11 29.5 295 46
12 12 30.5 305 47
13 13 31.5 315 48.5
14 14 32.5 325 50
15 15 33.5 335 51
16 16 34.5 345 52

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Yeezy Slide Kids’ size chart (Inches, Cm)

Foot Length Foot Length Kids’ Age US UK EU
3.7″ 9.3 cm 0-3 Mth 1 Inf 0 Inf 16
3.9″ 10 cm 3-6 Mth 2 Inf 1 Inf 17
4.3″ 11 cm 6 Mth 3 Inf 2 Inf 18
4.6″ 11.6 cm 9 Mth 4 Inf 3 Inf 19
4.8″ 12.3 cm 9-12 Mth 5 Inf 4 Inf 20
5.1″ 13 cm 12-18 Mth 5.5 Tod 4.5 Tod 21
5.4″ 13.7 cm 18-24 Mth 6 Tod 5 Tod 22
5.7″ 14.4 cm 2 Years 7 Tod 6 Tod 23
5.9″ 15 cm 2 Years 8 Tod 7 Tod 24
6.1″ 15.6 cm 3 Years 9 Tod 8 Tod 25
6.4″ 16.3 cm 3 Years 9.5 Tod 8.5 Tod 26
6.7″ 17 cm 4 Years 10 Kids 9 Kids 27
7.0″ 17.7 cm 5 Years 11 Kids 10 Kids 28
7.2″ 18.4 cm 6 Years 12 Kids 11 Kids 29
7.5″ 19 cm 7 Years 13 Kids 12 Kids 30
7.8″ 19.7 cm 8 Years 13.5 Kids 12.5 Kids 31
8.0″ 20.4 cm 8 Years 1 Kids 13 Kids 32
8.3″ 21 cm 9 Years 2 Kids 1 Kids 33
8.5″ 21.7 cm 10 Years 3 Kids 2 Kids 34
8.8″ 22.3 cm 11 Years 3.5 Kids 2.5 Kids 35
9.0″ 23 cm 12 Years 4 Kids 3 Kids 36

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How Do Yeezy Slides Fit?

In general, the fit of Yeezy Slides is not true to size. More specifically:

  • Yeezy Slides released before December 2021 fit small. Due to the narrow forefoot strap and the short shoe length, you should choose 1 size bigger as a minimum.
  • Yeezy Slides released after December 2021 are mentioned by Adidas as true to size. Yet, you should still choose 0.5 sizes up for normal feet, and up to 1-2 sizes up for wide feet.

Yeezy Slides Size Comparison

Yeezy Slides vs Crocs Sizing

While you should go at least 0.5 sizes up for Yeezy Slides, you can stay true to size when wearing Crocs.

Crocs include Crocs’s signature Croslite and LiteRite technology, allowing the shoes to be well-molded to your foot’s shape and maintain a good appearance for years of use.

Yeezy Slides vs Yeezy Foam Runner sizing

Similar to Crocs, Yeezy Foam Runner stays true to size, which is a strong plus for first-time Yeezy customers. While the Foam Runner offers half sizes for people between sizes, Yeezy Slide doesn’t.

Adidas Yeezy Slide Onyx HQ6448
Adidas Yeezy Slide Onyx HQ6448

12 Interesting Facts About The Yeezy Slides

1. They are unisex but there are no half sizes

The Yeezy Slides are unisex with no available half sizes. So in most cases, you should size up when choosing this sneaker.

For example, if your shoe size is 10.5, you should go up to a size 11. If you have wide feet, you should choose a size 12.

2. The price of Yeezy Slides has gone down dramatically

Yeezy Slide sneakers were once too expensive, but their price started going down dramatically as there are more colorways released and old ones restocked.

Yet, some colorways that haven’t been restocked recently still have a high price tag on the market.

3. They restock once or twice per month

Yeezy Slide sneakers often restock from once to twice per month. Each stock can include the previously released colorways and some new ones that haven’t appeared publicly before.

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4. They are made from soft EVA foam

Adidas Yeezy Slide is made from soft EVA foam and is constructed as a solid one-piece molded silhouette. This reason makes this sneaker listed among the most comfortable footwear products on the market.

The releases before the “Ochre” colorway version in 2021 have stiff foam and lower comfort compared to the newer releases.

5. They can’t stretch

Although Yeezy Slides are considered comfortable, they can’t stretch and don’t run true to size like other Yeezy sneakers.

Yeezy Slides are so tight, especially in the forefoot area is extremely cramped for your toes. As stated by Kany West, they are on the too-small side to follow the Japanese way of making footwear products.

Nonetheless, the Yeezy Slide’s short length is because the traditional wooden Japanese sandals are 1-2 centimeters shorter than the foot.

So, you should go at least 0.5 sizes up to have more room for your toes, or even go 1 size up when wearing Yeezy Slides.

6. They don’t provide women’s sizes

Yeezy Slides only provide size charts for men. For women’s Yeezy Slide size chart, you should minus 1.5 of men’s size to get your actual women’s size.

For example, if your men’s size is 8, your women’s size can be 6.5.

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7. There are small Yeezy Slides for kids

Besides sizes for adults, there are small Yeezy Slides for infants and toddlers. Since this sneaker has a comfortable back strap, it can’t fall off the kids’ feet while running or walking.

8. They are easily cleaned, but not in the washing machine

Yeezy Slides are durable and need little maintenance. Yet, you can’t get them cleaned in the washing machine, or tumble dry them.

You should clean your sneakers by hand, with a soft brush and a wet cloth. After rinsing them, let them air-dry.

9. Some of the most highlighted colorways in the Yeezy Slide collection

Similar to the Adidas Yeezy designs, the Yeezy Slide collection has mainly included sneakers in the earth tone realm with some highlighted ones like Yeezy Slide Bone, Yeezy Slides Flax, Yeezy Slide Core, Yeezy Slide Ochre, Yeezy Slide Soo, and Yeezy Slide Desert Sand.

Besides, there are ones with vivid colors like the Yeezy Slide Glow, Yeezy Slide Enflame Orange, and Yeezy Slide Azure.

10. You can get Yeezy Slides in various places

You get get a pair of Adidas Yeezy Slides from some retailers like Dicks Sporting Goods, and Foot Locker, or at some shoe boutiques or Adidas online web stores like Adidas Confirmed, Yeezy Supply, or selected Adidas Flagship stores.

11. Yeezy Slide sneakers should be worn with socks

These Adidas sneakers look better with socks, and your crusty toes can be hidden by socks. But another reason you should wear Yeezy Slides with socks is your comfort.

Due to their rubber-like material, your feet might feel uncomfortable if you lack socks while wearing these sneakers. Your feet can rub against the rubber surface and feel painful throughout the day.

12. They are not waterproof

Yeezy Slides are not water-resistant, which means that you should avoid wearing the Yeezy Slides to high-moisturized places like the beach.

You should also avoid exposure to salt, sun, and sand all day to prevent small broken pieces from your sneaker.

Final Words

In sum, Yeezy Slide releases are not true to size. Thus, you should size up in Yeezy Slide from 0.5 to 1 or even 2 sizes to get your ultimate comfort.

While older Yeezy Slides have a short break-in period of a week, newer ones don’t need to be broken since they are ready to wear right out of the box.

Which is your favorite Yeezy Slide colorway? Please share your experience with this sneaker in the comment section!

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