How To Remove Shoe Security Tag At Home?

remove shoe security tag at home

If you’ve ever been stuck with a security tag on your online shoe order or after leaving a store, you know how frustrating it can be.

Since getting back to the store to get it removed by clerks might take time for you, we’ll show you how to remove the shoe security tag safely and easily, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Different Types Of Security Tags

There are several types of security tags available. Each of them is with a unique design and method of attachment.

Some of the most common tags include ink, cable, and magnetic tags. Here’s how you can remove these tags from your shoes:

Ink Tags

Ink tags are more complicated to remove and come with an ink vial that can spill and stain the shoes. To remove them, it’s best to take them back to the store to avoid ruining your shoes.

Cable Tags

These tags are secured with a wire around the laces or other parts of the shoe. To remove them, simply cut or untie the wire.

Magnetic Tags

Magnetic tags are the most common type of security tag. They’re easily identifiable by their two-part design that attaches to the shoe’s fabric with a pin.

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How To Remove Shoe Security Tag At Home?

Remove A Shoe Security Tag With Magnets

Using a magnet to wipe out security names enjoys two benefits: It can be attached to magnets and is safe and non-destructive.

Be that as it may, it can require a long investment and require a strong magnet, like a neodymium magnet.

Moreover, using a magnet that is too strong or applying it incorrectly can lead to damaging the surrounding electronics, such as a cell phone or credit card.

Additionally, the magnet could potentially magnetize other nearby objects, causing unintended consequences.

You can easily find magnets at home or buy them online or at a hardware store.

To remove the security tag with magnet:

  1. Place the magnet on a flat table.
  2. Place the shoe alarm tag on the magnet with its bottom side down.
  3. When you hear “click” on the tag, you can move it up and down to remove its pin.

Take Off Security Tags With Forks

Without a magnet, you can get the security tag off your sneakers using forks. This method is safe and non-destructive, meaning that it does not cause any damage to the item.

Additionally, forks are easily found at home and can be used on most types of security tags.

However, this method can be time-consuming and requires two identical forks. This method may require some force to open the security tag, which can be difficult for some people.

Furthermore, this method may not work on all types of security tags, particularly those with thicker cables.

The two-fork method applies to most types of shoe security tags and can be used to pry open smaller security tags.

A variation of this method involves inserting one fork into the opening of the tag and twisting it to pry it open.

To remove tags with forks:

  1. Locate the tag. It is typically attached to the tongue or laces of the shoe.
  2. Hold one fork with your dominant hand and the other fork with your non-dominant hand.
  3. Insert the tips of the forks on either side of the security tag, with the curved part of the forks facing each other.
  4. Press the forks together, gently squeezing the security tag.
  5. Twist the forks in opposite directions to pry open the tag.
  6. Continue twisting until the tag comes apart.
  7. Pull the tag from your shoe, and you’re done.

Using A Sharp Tool

Sharp objects such as scissors, knives, or box cutters can be used to remove security tags but can damage the shoe or tag if done improperly.

To remove the tag using a sharp object:

  1. Hold the shoe in one hand and the tag in the other hand.
  2. Carefully insert the sharp object between the tag and the shoe. Be careful not to damage the shoe. Use the sharp edge to cut the tag away.
  3. Repeat the process until the tag is released from the shoe.

Sharp objects should only be used as a last resort when other methods have failed. Also, only do this if the user is confident in their ability to use them safely.

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Using A Flat Head Screwdriver

Using a flat-head screwdriver is fast and simple. But, whenever done inaccurately, it might likewise make harm the shoe.

To remove the tag with a flat-head screwdriver:

  1. Hold the shoe in one hand and the tag in the other hand.
  2. Insert the flat-head screwdriver between the tag and the shoe.
  3. Twist the screwdriver to pry the tag away.
  4. Repeat the process until the tag is released.

Pulling Security Tags Off Your Shoes Using Pliers

Pliers can be used to remove security tags, but they can be risky and should only be used as a last resort.

Proper grip and pressure are essential to avoid slipping or breaking the pin.

This method may not work for tags with thicker cables or pins.

Using Rubber Bands

The ‘rubber band’ method is another easy way to remove ink security tags on your shoes. Yet, it may not work with all tags, and if done incorrectly, it may harm your shoe.

  1. Place one or two rubber bands around the tag and twist them until they are tightly encircled.
  2. Pull the tag in the other direction than the rubber bands until it comes free from the shoe.

Hitting The Shoe Tag

Force can be used to remove a security tag, which has both benefits and drawbacks. It doesn’t require any tools or equipment, but it can harm the shoe if done inappropriately.

First, hold the shoe in one hand and the label in the other. Then, strike the tag hard.

This technique can be used with caution for eliminating security labels from different things.

Freezing The Tag

Freezing is a simple yet effective method for splitting ink tags from your shoes. When frozen, the ink can’t be spilled on your shoes. Yet, this method isn’t useful with powerful security tags.

To remove the tag:

  1. Leave your shoes with the tag overnight in the freeze.
  2. On the next morning, pull the tag off by hand, pliers, or rubber band.

Trying to remove the tag on your own can result in the ink exploding, which might be difficult to clean up. It is better to be safe than sorry and seek assistance from a trained professional.

Using Heat

For some kinds of security tags, using heat can be effective. The intensity debilitates the pin that holds the label set up, making it more straightforward to eliminate.

However, there are risks associated with this approach, so be careful. Utilizing this strategy incorrectly could result in shoe or security tag damage.

Additionally, excessive heat from a lighter or another source of heat can cause fires or burns. So, handling such equipment with care is essential.

  1. Hold a lighter or hair dryer a few inches away from the tag to begin.
  2. Give the tag a few seconds of heat.
  3. Make an effort to gently twist and pull the tag off by hand.
  4. If it doesn’t fall off, apply more intensity and attempt once more.

It may take several tries to remove the tag successfully.

Rubbing Alcohol

Utilizing scouring liquor is one method for removing security labels.

On a plastic security tag, the plastic covering becomes weak when the tag and its encompassing region are absorbed by scouring liquor. This lessens the pin’s grasp on the tag.

This technique doesn’t require any special tools or equipment. So it is easy and safe to do at home.

However, it may not work with all security labels. Some tags may withstand the effects of rubbing alcohol and remain securely attached to the item.

Soaking Shoes In Water

Some kinds of security tags can be successfully removed by soaking shoes in water.

However, this method can only be applied to waterproof tags.

Final Words

It’s not impossible to remove the store security tag from shoes if you know some simple DIY methods.

Whatever you choose, remember to handle your shoes carefully and take your time. If all else fails, you should return to the store where you purchased your shoes and ask them to remove the tag for you.

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