Ecco Shoe Size Chart: Are Ecco Shoes True To Size?

Ecco Shoes for Men, Women

ECCO shoe size chart was born from the need to help customers find the best footwear for them.

It would be such a waste if you own these stylish and quality shoes but they can’t cradle your feet and provide support. Or, maybe you don’t know how to identify and take care of them.

ECCO Shoe Overview

In 1963, from a factory in Bredebro, Denmark, Karl Toosbuy released a collection of female footwear named Venus.

However, he couldn’t get the rights to exclusively own this name. And the brand couldn’t launch until 1969 when he settled for ‘ECCO’.

After a big introduction in the 1972 Olympics, Karl was determined to break the existing limits. He came up with shoes that mold to the feet and put no weight on the user.

ECCO Joke, ECCO Free, and ECCO Time were created during that era.

By applying the DESMA technology, ECCO could mass-produce since 1980. The next year marked a milestone as ECCO Joke reached 2 million pairs sold.

ECCO Shoes Logo

Their production was expanded to America and Asia, with new product lines being introduced and well-received.

They had the first retail flagship store in 1996 at Oxford Street, London. The number of stores increased all over the world, but the Oxford store still has the highest sale. Their official website went into business in the same year.

Nowadays, ECCO diligently comes up with more designs for men’s and women’s footwear. All of them are available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

Aside from the fashionable look, the durability and the support they can provide are big bonuses that keep their customers coming back for more.

ECCO Shoe Size Chart (cm, Inches)

ECCO Unisex Shoe Size Chart

US EU cm
4/4.5 35 21.8
5/5.5 36 23
6/6.5 37 23.7
7/7.5 38 24.3
8/8.5 39 25
9/9.5 40 25.7
10/10.5 41 26.3
11/11.5 42 27
12/12.5 43 27.7

ECCO Men’s Shoe Size Chart

US EU Foot length (cm) Foot length (inches)
5/5.5 39 25 9.8
6/6.5 40 25.7 10.11
7/7.5 41 26.3 10.35
8/8.5 42 27 10.62
9/9.5 43 27.7 10.90
10/10.5 44 28.3 11.14
11/11.5 45 29 11.41
12/12.5 46 29.7 11.69
13/13.5 47 30.3 11.92
14/14.5 48 31 12.20
15/15.5 49 31.6 12.44
16/16.5 50 32.3 12.71

ECCO Ladies’ Shoe Size Chart

US EU Foot Length (cm) Foot Length (Inches)
4/4.5 35 21.8 8.5
5/5.5 36 23 9
6/6.5 37 23.7 9.3
7/7.5 38 24.3 9.5
8/8.5 39 25 9.8
9/9.5 40 25.7 10.11
10/10.5 41 26.3 10.35
11/11.5 42 27 10.62
12/12.5 43 27.7 10.90

ECCO Children’s Shoe Size Chart

CA EU cm
4 19 11.7
4.5 20 12.3
5/5.5 21 12.9
6 22 13.5
6.5/7 23 14.1
7.5 24 14.7
8/8.5 25 15.3
9/9.5 26 16
10 27 16.6
10.5/11 28 17.2
11.5/12 29 17.9
12.5 30 18.5
13/13.5 31 19.2
1 32 19.8
1.2/2 33 20.5
2.5 34 21.1
3/3.5 35 21.8
4 36 23
4.5/5 37 23.7
5.5 38 24.3
6 39 25
6.5/7 40 25.7

Do ECCO Shoes Run Small, Large, Or True To Size?

ECCO footwear runs true to size, although you will need to pay more attention if you are not using their original EU size chart.

Conveniently enough, ECCO provides a US conversion chart to give their American customers an easier shopping time.

In both cases, ECCO shoes are reported to run large. Thus, going down half a size would be the best choice.

Ecco Shoes for Women

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Tips For ECCO Sizing

How To Measure Your Feet

If you are not getting to try the shoes on before purchasing, getting your measurement correct is extremely important.

ECCO recommended a 4-step process to measure your foot and refer to their size chart.

  1. What you need: a piece of paper large enough for your entire foot, a pen, and a ruler.
  2. Put the paper on a flat surface and against a steady wall. Step one foot on the paper and make sure your heel touches the wall.
  3. Mark the longest toe and do the same for your other foot. It’s normal to have different sizes for each foot. Hence, we recommend choosing the bigger measurement as the standard.
  4. Measure the distance with your ruler and choose the corresponding size from the chart.


  • ECCO has a European standard for shoe sizes. You will need to convert the size if you use a different standard.
  • Although ECCO shoes don’t have a variety of widths, they are tagged with “freedom fit”. Hence, you don’t have to worry about it.
  • You will get the most accurate size when you measure your feet at the end of the day, for they will be a bit swollen after long hours of activity.

Don’t Assume The Size

If you are an adult and under the impression that your foot size won’t change at all, you are making the wrong decision. Pregnancy, weight changes, and even aging can lead to differences in your shoe size.

Another wrong assumption people often make is their footwear sizes will remain unaffected even if they shop at different brands.

However, the truth is each brand has a sizing system with various lengths and widths, hence they might not fit the same.

Try Them If You Can

We always recommend trying the shoes directly if you have the chance to visit the stores in person.

There are a few notes you should take for the best fit possible.

  • Try the shoes after you have been active for a while. So, you get to measure your feet when they have the biggest size and test the fit when you have worn the shoes for hours.
  • If you plan to wear socks or stockings with your new footwear, please put them on when you try the shoes.
  • Most importantly, you need to walk around in your new shoes. It will let you know if the pressure points on your feet are not getting enough support.

Buy From Reliable Sources

When you buy authentic shoes, it might be a little more expensive. But, you will have everything guaranteed, from the quality of the shoes to the warranty policy.

The most common method used by counterfeiters is offering shockingly inexpensive deals. These offers are very tempting, especially for people who have a limited budget but also want to own high-quality shoes.

Nonetheless, fake shoes end up torn and ruined very quickly because the materials and the structures were poor in the first place.


1. What Are ECCO Running Shoes Made Of?

To ensure their shoes are of premium quality, ECCO combines top-tier materials with advanced technologies.

  • Primaloft is a synthetic material developed by ECCO for better insulation. Although it is warm and water-resistant, it is still breathable and light.
  • PHORENE midsole for ample cushioning and weather resistance. Its lightweight also boost the user’s energy.
  • PROSOMA heel protects the back of your feet in a snug fit and provides more stability while retaining a fashionable look.
  • GORE-TEX coats the shoes with a special membrane for top performance even in the most undesirable conditions.

2. Can I Customize My ECCO Shoes?

Don’t leave the store unsatisfied! ECCO has a service for shoe personalization called QUANT-U.

Instead of getting expensive customized shoes or waiting in line for weeks, you can go home after 2 hours with the shoes hugging your feet perfectly, thanks to the simple but effective 3D printing technology.

  • Scanning: The 3D scanner takes 30 seconds to get the right measurements, from the curvature to the shape.
  • Analyzing steps: When you take a few steps on the treadmill, your movements will be recorded by the censors. This anatomical data will help the system create a structure only for your feet.
  • 3D printing: The 3D printer turns printable silicone into midsoles. It is the longest step in the process, but you can find something productive to do while waiting.

Final Words

ECCO shoe size chart exists to make sure the customers are. So, don’t forget to consult it as well as the customer service.

ECCO is half a size bigger than regular footwear for most users. So, you might want to consider changing your usual size for a perfect fit.

Besides, treating the shoes with care would also prevent them from wearing out and losing their firmness too quickly.

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