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How can I wash my CHOOZE shoes?
It is usually best to wipe down our shoes gently with a damp cloth and allow them to air dry.  All of our shoes include removable insoles that can be washed in a washing machine on cold water.  Please air dry the insoles, too.

Are your outsoles non-marking?
The outsoles on all of our play shoes (Dance, Jump, Scout, Twist, Fresh Spin, Move) are all non-marking. 

Where can I purchase CHOOZE shoes in a store?
Please refer to our store locator to find a CHOOZE retailer near you.

Where are CHOOZE shoes manufactured?
Our shoes are currently made in China. Our factory is required to uphold social compliance requirements, pay fair wages, and sign a code of conduct. Regular visits from our staff ensure these policies and regulations are followed.

Are CHOOZE shoes Fair Trade?
While there are no fair trade standards for footwear manufacturing at this time, we do employ fair trade principles into how we operate.

Where can I learn more about the Good Returns model? 
You can learn more on Our Mission page or watch a TED video about Good Returns.

How do your shoes run?
Our shoes typically run true to size. Please refer to our sizing guide for reference.

Can I get a pair of CHOOZE with the same fabric on left & right?
Our shoes are always different and that is what CHOOZE is all about. Our shoes are available in pairs that are matched but never the same. Sometimes the difference is subtle and sometimes it is bold. We hope you will find a pair that inspires you.

What are Vegan shoes?
Our shoes are footwear made without leather or any animal ingredients.

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