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We believe that it is important to teach kids to have a positive impact from the start.  

More powerful than a donation, CHOOZE is pioneering a new sustainable way to make an impact.  We will invest 100% of our profits in programs that enable women to lift their families out of poverty.  It is an investment that provides capital needed to create sustainable change in communities worldwide.

When kids wear CHOOZE shoes, they are helping other kids live better lives.  To learn more, visit one of our investment partners, Chiapas International.  For inspiring and fun ideas for you and your kids to make an impact of your own, visit our partner Lemons to Aid.   


We believe that each of us has a responsibility to care for our environment.

In addition to using only vegan materials in manufacturing, we have chosen to use shoe hangers made of recycled cardboard instead of wasteful shoe boxes. Join us in thinking out of the "shoe" box by teaching your children how to care for the environment. Every little bit can make a world of difference. Check out Earth911 for ideas. 

We believe that every child has the potential to be extraordinary.

By providing unique wardrobe choices, we are building confidence. CHOOZE kids choose to be different, to think for themselves, and to stand out. We support programs that empower kids to reach their full potential in whatever they CHOOZE.